Thuya Boutique offers fresh cuts, different. Our bouquets are curated and designed with moods in mind. We cook up two options in 3 sizes for you to choose. No two are ever the same. Whether you want to treat yourself to something fun, or surprise a friend, lover, or neighbour with a thoughtful gift, we've got you covered. Want a showstopper? Order our something bodacious option and let us create something wild and original for you. We focus on using the most interesting blooms and rich colours and textures. Our wild style of florals might even change the way you think about flowers. 

New bouquet styles released on Wednesdays. All bouquets offered on a first come- first serve basis. As each item is unique, and all stems are different, nothing is an exact replica - but special in it's own unique way. Ordering for delivery or pickup is as simple as a few clicks. 

Looking for florals for an event or wedding? Visit our sister design studio for a taste of our dramatic creative work.

"Fresh cuts... designed with mood in mind"